Back from Maldives!

Maldives, Caaya Island Dhonveli at North Male, at beautiful atoll hotel

I have just returned from a trip to Maldives. I stayed at Caaya Island Dhonveli at North Male, a beautiful atoll hotel. This destination was a dream to me and I believed that it would be an every day diving meeting with sharks, whale sharks and mantas Unfortunately I didn’t meet any of these remarkable creatures. At first I was very disappointed because I wanted to enrich my portfolio with shots of big fishes.

As the days go by I realized that I was very lucky even though I didn’t meet what I was looking for. The pictures I took underwater were full of colors, shapes and fishes so rich that they look like paints. Beautiful reefs covered allover with colorful corals, friendly sea turtles, shrimps, lobsters, couples of different morays at holes, clown fishes at stunning anemones and tropical fishes everywhere gave me pictures like underwater rainbows.

I returned to Greece not only with my camera full but with a lesson in my pocket: never be sure of what you will meet underwater and never underestimate an underwater scene. Even a reef or only a rock itself can give you  excellent shots!

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