Greek Eco Project / Blue Halkidiki 2024 – Our best catch!

Greek Eco Project

Blue Halkidiki 2024

For the fourth year in a row, I had the pleasure of participating in the actions of the Greek Eco Project by photographing the underwater clean-ups.

From June 29 to July 5, the environmental organization Greek Eco Project made a difference by bringing the blue back to the seas of Halkidiki. With his experienced team of divers, he continued strongly for the fourth year, for his best fish, with Blue Halkidiki 2024 being one of the biggest initiatives for clean seas and coasts in the region of Halkidiki.

Volunteers, divers, marine biologists, photographers, influencers, champions, journalists and many others, joined forces by “diving” both underwater and coastal, with the aim of restoring the seabed to its original form.

Starting from the port of Nikiti and the main protagonist of the actions was Porto Koufo and we stubbornly tried and contributed to a sea lighter than 8 tons of garbage.

Together we can do more!

About Greek Eco Project

The Greek Eco Project is an environmental organization founded in 2020 by a group of sensitized people of different backgrounds with a common denominator of love and respect for the natural environment. Based in Thessaloniki. Through our continuous environmental actions, we try to protect the environment. Because we feel the deep responsibility that falls upon us and because we believe that what you love you must protect and keep it safe individually and collectively, as our every little act is a big breath for the earth.

The Greek Eco Project association envisions a world where man will live in absolute balance and connection with his natural “home”. To achieve our vision we need courage, cooperation, respect, responsibility, and optimism.

The ultimate goal of the Greek Eco Project is the creation of a multidimensional ecological park, unique of its kind in Greece and Europe, to raise awareness and awaken the ecological consciousness of young and old, through experiential learning education.

The park will be 100% energy independent, from environmentally friendly materials with gardens, ponds, open play areas, specifically landscaped areas for pets and pleasant corners of communication, where it will also be the action center of Greek Eco Project.

Dozens of ecological actions open to the public will take place here: Exhibitions, Scientific days and events, educational seminars, Interactive ecological self-awareness games, Art hives with artistic creations from reusable materials, Workshops, Book Presentations.

Our purpose is to co-create an ecological park of experiential education and leisure, addressed to the entire world and to all age groups. An implementation center of ideas for the protection of the environment, where everyone’s little help will be of great significance in preventing climate change for a greener planet. One a place of inspiration and education, a model of ecological behavior.

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