For Nicholas, his work is not a job. It’s a way of living that blurred the lines between what he has to do and what he enjoys doing! For him, it’s all about his passion of constantly observe everything in the environment around him to find inspiration. He says that if something triggered you yesterday might not empower you to do great work today, but maybe it will tomorrow. Maybe today is the day you will find that little detail that would make everything special. Seeking new challenges becomes a habit, a hobby, a lifestyle. And yes, this endless search for creation can become a profession! Above all, what moves him is that inexplicable passion for creating something amazing that can draw a smile in his face and when one day he looks back at that day he could say that that day was a day to remember! For Nicholas, failure and giving up is not an option. He believes that a man can turn the world upside down, improve, develop new talents, do anything to grow himself and tackle any challenge. It’s important to be amazed and enthusiastic. Live every moment of every successful project. Live with passion, love what you do, live your life in the most. Be the best version of you, is that simple!



The most impressive thing about sea is the continuous movement and evolution, her ability to heal and create life. What amazes me the most is that even if I dive often the same place, every time it’s different, the sea gives me something new to shoot.

With this in mind, the idea that charms me and triggers my creativity is that even though underwater there are endless themes to photograph, if I don’t catch a scene that specific second, what will be in front of me later will be something completely new. Sea is not static. Underwater you can’t set up a scene.

Water, sun light and marine life they never stop to move. Underwater photography taught me the most valuable lesson: time flies and I cannot re-live something or bring back the past, but I have the power to “freeze” time and take memories with me in surface. Through my lens I can share underwater moments with others.




The importance of winning in prestigious International Underwater Photography Festivals and Competitions is undeniable. At start it’s a goal that will confirm the high quality of work and will offer opportunities for publicity.

Maintenance in top positions for many years is the most difficult task as you need to improve, to change, to learn and to dare trying new techniques, to experiment and to be creative. Then, an award means having influence and status.



The real expression of an underwater photographer’s point of view is in publications. Articles about travels in special diving destinations, articles about unique marine environments, rare habitats and unusual critters complete the story of every photograph. Interviews are the most direct way to express feelings and ideas and make announcements about new projects!