Winning the 2010 Raja Ampat Entrance Tag Design Contest

winner of the 2010 Raja Ampat Entrance Tag Design Contest!

I am extremely happy to announce that I am the winner of the 2010 Raja Ampat Entrance Tag Design Contest.

The online contest is organized and hosted every year from Wetpixel and the winning tag is being printed in over 4000 copies to be attached to the BCs of Raja Ampat marine park protected area visitors.

Winning this contest was an important goal for me because Raja Ampat is one of my top five places in earth that I wanted to visit for diving and off course to photograph underwater. Winning the first and the second place  in the same year seemed to be impossible because of the excellent entries. So I am double proud for my designs.

The concept of both tags emanated from Indonesian Culture designs. Inspiration came from the geometric and circular designs in body and face traditional Indonesian tattoos. I adjusted the Latin characters font in the tag to look also like the traditional Indonesian handwriting. For the first tag I named Manta Power, I selected the manta ray as a subject because it is so full of grace and beauty that it could be a pattern of behaviour for visitors in Raja Ampat protected area.

For the second tag I named Respect the hammerhead shark, selecting hammerhead shark shapes was urgent by reason of sharks species are threatened with extinction and this tag can remind people that sharks are worth to be saved – shark finning and killing must stop.

I am looking forward to receive the copies of the prize books and off course I am already planning my 7-day trip to Raja Ampat Marine Park.

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