Back from Trikeri - Greece!

In charming Pelion, the land of the Argonauts, at the edge of peninsula, lays the fishermen village and small port Agia Kiriaki.

In top of it connected with an old stone trekking route, 1,5km long is the traditional village Trikeri with eye-catching view both to the sapphire waters of Pagasitikos Bay and to the adored Aegean blue. Agia Kiriaki is so natural and virgin that you’ll think that you travelled back in time. Old fishermen boats, small ships, brave seamen and old sponge divers sit around a table of the traditional fish tavern and tell stories about the past. While drinking ouzo and eating traditional sea food you can learn about the “must go” diving spots in Trikeri: the wrecks

In this place the time stops. You need your time watch only if you want to be in time for a dive in local diving center which is spotted at Agia Kiriaki. If you are late you have to wait for the next dive! Owner of diving center is Paris Sofos, a very enthusiastic person and responsible instructor who loves both diving and Pelion.

Paris took us with his boat to an excellent diving spot named “Lefteris Reef” with the oldest construction man made for ships to avoid accidents yes oldest than the Alexandria’s Lighthouse  a breathtaking story you hear about at briefing!!!

“Lefteris reef” is a place for an underwater photographer to get mad! Usually you make there two dives. If you have selected an wide angle lens you will be sad for all those macro shots you could shoot in this nudi(branch) party underwater!!!! If you have selected a lens suitable for macro shooting you will be sad for all these excellent shots you could have in two wrecks lying there. There is the wreck of boat “Vera” and the wreck of a no name old sailing ship. So you have to plan at least 2 sets of dives!

Although, you will discover that you can find unexpected beauty very close to diving center, in a smaller wreck, inside the port. The amazing about this wreck named “Kali Tixi”is that it’s visible from shore also. The only good luck (the meaning of ship name) is that you can shoot it all day long and take stunning photos with lighting effects inside the engine and outside also, as it stands still in sand!!!

Have to go back soon, I feel I have unfinished business!

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