In 2018 I dedicated a month on a – very important for me - personal project.

I named it “The Hippocampus Brief” and it was about a place very close to my hometown Thessaloniki, known among divers as “the seahorse kingdom”.

As the title indicates, this place holds o colony of seahorses, those gentle knights of the sea. The amazing fact is that this colony managed to survive there for decades even against nature disasters and the cruel human factor.
It took me 4 day trips and 8 extremely long shore dives with a variety of strobes, different techniques and special lighting effects from my diving buddy to complete the underwater portfolio as I had it in mind with portraits and some wide angle shots and I added drone shots to introduce the gulf.
You can read all about this amazing place in my article published on Wetpixel from Adam Hanlon and with the hope that the colony will last and will left alone to survive for many more decades. Moreover, every knight needs his kingdom to serve.

Read the full article!

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