Supporting Thessaloniki’s candidacy for EUROPEAN YOUTH CAPITAL 2014.


Growing up, studying and working in Thessaloniki is a continuous interaction with the city itself, full of opportunities and actions.

I consider myself very lucky to be a citizen of this town because while I was growing up I had many influences and I passed on from many different phases that finally showed me what I wanted to do with my life.

In the streets and monuments of this town I took my first shots and realized how much I adore the art of photography. Combining my passion for photography with underwater majesty came just after. In Thessaloniki I had my first publications and my first personal exhibition with Underwater Photographs.
When I was informed about Thessaloniki’s candidacy for EUROPEAN YOUTH CAPITAL 2014 I was very excited because it is not about construction projects, money and contractors but it is about the development of a real youth movement through voluntary actions, social interventions, participation and equal opportunities. As the Participation Info emphasize “The main aim is a city of creativity, tolerance and innovation, of cultural and social solidarity. It is about creation, membership, special social groups and new social movements”.
With all this in mind I wanted to actively contribute so I had this cheerful and funky idea of taking the Mohican underwater. Two days of preparation, printing the poster waterproof, sewing the yellow Mohican in the hood and one day of shooting underwater in our beloved summer destination Chalkidiki, was pretty enough. In any case it was fun to do something completely different witch I assume is the cause of the participation!
I believe that the city of Thessaloniki will be a successful host as the European Youth Capital of 2014 and invite all of you to support.

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