SPECIAL JURY AWARD at PAF Tachov International Festival.

PAF Tachov International Festival

I am very proud to announce that my photo of a juvenile ``Raja radula`` ray, received the Special Jury Award in PAF Tachov an International Divers Festival with annual Underwater Filming and Photography Contests and multiple actions and themes for children’s artwork during the festival.

The winning photograph is one my favourites of Aegean Sea. They say that some shots are result of experience, some other are result of patience and wait while others are result of simultaneous surprise of photographer and model. In this photograph the tiny ray was hidden in the white Mediterranean sand and just before the click took off in front of the port giving a close up of the body shape like a color x-ray.

This year the festival celebrates 35 years of history and it is considered to be one of the oldest festivals worldwide. I am sending my best wishes for success in all upcoming festivals with hundreds of participants and brilliant photographs and films. Congratulations to all winners!

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