Shooting wreck Mytilini at Sani beach!

At middle of June I drove to a beautiful Resort in Chalkidiki named Sani beach to photo shoot wreck 'Mytilini' on behalf of Sea World Dive Center.

Unfortunately water visibility was not so good, so it will be one more attepmt to photo shoot ‘Mytilini’ wreck on July.

Only 600m from shore (8 minutes by boat), this wreck is a very interesting diving spot for beginners, tourists and more experienced divers. Ship ‘Mytilini’ was under German flag when it sank at 1961, only 2 miles southeast of cape ‘Kipsa’. Divers can locate the big crack beside the propeller that caused the sinking of the ship during a violent thunderstorm. Fortunately there were no victims. After many years the wreck transformed to a 40 meter artificial reef with max depth at 20meters underwater. Sponges and corals have covered the metal and in every hole and slot you can identify hidden fishes that have found there their safe shelter. Shrimps, lobsters and morays are shown only during the night. This wreck is excellent not only for wide angle photography but also for macro photo shooting mainly because of many different nudibrach, gobies and anemones.

Best season to visit is on July because then the water is crystal clear and its season of big pelagic fishes stopping by.

I want to express my gratitude to Sea World Dive Center for making my staying so pleasant and give them credit for their excellent organization and services.

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