Shooting my Promotional Video for

On the last day of September I made a road trip to Athens as I was invited by a non profit organization named LoveGreece to videotape an interview with me and present my work.

As I am used for years to be the man behind the camera, the filming experience was a bit stressful for me even though I already new the subject and the questions to be asked. Fortunately I had to interact with a very cool crew and the anxiety disappeared in no time!

A whole afternoon starting with a make up artist and continuing with a director, a manager a set of digital cameras, tripods, a gopro camera on remote helicopter, and tons of laughs!
My interview will be will go through the editing process along with selected underwater photographs and some videoclips from my trip to Indonesia.
The concept behind this non profit organization is that Greece is going through difficult times but even so, it is a country full of talented individuals. Through their work, they stand as shining examples to us all, while abroad, they demonstrate the true worth of the country. We want to discover these Greeks and showcase them on this non-profit website.
The new website from the G&A Mamidakis Foundation, reflects a modern Greece that, despite the crisis, works hard and is successful not only at home but also abroad. The constantly updated content will be youthful, fresh and modern, with a streamlined, contemporary style reflecting the values of the people it profiles, featuring important Greek personalities who make us proud and stand out for their business activity and pioneering spirit, for their scientific achievements, for their artistic creativity and/or for their knowledge, ideas and actions, as well as their concern for others
Thank you LoveGreece for this opportunity to show my work, thank you for the experience will introduce you to people who are unique, hard-working and creative. Some are already well-known, others are taking their first steps in their chosen career. You will admire their talent, their passion and their perseverance.

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