Shooting a Model!

On October my friend Elina mentioned that a reporter of a very elegant magazine about fashion and culture called 'Thessaloniki magazine', asked her to give an interview for the winter 2010 issue.

The magazine has a complete agenda about what is happening in Thessaloniki from morning market, shopping and vip services till after nightlife.

So, what this magazine has to do with underwater photography? Elina is a marine biologist and dive instructor but also an active member of her family furs and leather fashion enterprise. So the photograph needed to accompany the interview had to be underwater but also fashionable and artistic.

For me it was an excellent opportunity to work underwater with a model and try new techniques, try to be on the perfect angle to catch reflections and shadows and give all my effort on achieving the perfect body position. I have to say that it wasn’t easy but the result was fantastic and I€™m really enthusiastic about working with models and already I’m planning the next photoshooting.

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