Discovery Channel Magazine

I felt very honored when I received an e-mail from Discovery Channel's Magazine editor, asking me two jellyfish photographs to accompany Dr Angel Yanagihara's article titled ``Romancing the Jelly``.

The article is a study about jellyfishes and how people can protect themselves from deadly stings! The photographs were published both in the digital version of the article – more a teaser – on Discovery Channel Website and in printed version on May’s issue.

Selected for the article were a photograph of a Pandea conica with the bright red body inside the transparent bell and the curly tentacles, and a beautiful like bride of the sea white Oceania armata. Even though none of two is deadly or even poisonous, and both of them are extremely small and difficult to spot in the sea, I believe that they were suitable for the article to give artistic touch in a theme that could scare off the reader.

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