My site in NAUSICAA – French National Sea Experience Center database

My site in NAUSICAA!

French National Sea Experience Center, in Boulogne-sur-Mer (Northern France), is a Science Center entirely dedicated to the relationship between Mankind and the Sea.

Its goal is to incite the general public to discover the sea and to love it, while raising its awareness on the need for a better management of marine resources.

With this profile and background it was an honour for me to receive an e-mail from NAUSICAA , asking me to include a link, a description and some information text about my website. Of course the answer was positive because for me it is a privilege to be included in a marine database with such information about sea-related topics and marine activities.

I salute the work of NAUSICAA and I hope this database will be the valve for those that are eco a  sensitised and useful for the learners and seekers of knowledge.

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