Interview on TV100

There are times that you squeeze your head to answer complex questions, there are times that you are totally stumbled not being able to express what you think or feel and on the other hand there are times that you speak directly from the heart, easily, without stops in a continuous flow of words.

One of these “directly from the heart” times was when I met the journalist Chris Katsikogiorgos and his cameraman and we taped an interview for the TV show “Mesa stin poli ton allon” for the local tv station tv100.

The interview was so easy going, like meeting friends for coffee by the sea. I had the chance to speak for everything I am passionate about: the Sea, Diving, Underwater Photography and Traveling around the globe. When the interview was screened I was in the middle of a shooting in Athens and I had my assistant forcing us for a break to watch it in live streaming. I can say that I was very pleased with the result, the editing and the photography were excellent. You can watch the interview Here!

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