My nudies in an Explore Nature article!

A few weeks ago I had a phone call from a friend diver Mr. Dimitris Poursanidis, asking me to contribute in an article about nudibranchs with some photographs of this category.

After receiving the general layout and content I selected my favorite shots and send them to be included in the article.

I was very pleased to see that both of the photographs I have sent were printed in the article  The colorful world of Nudibranchs , in the  Explore Nature  magazine (Issue 17), written by Prof. Drosos Koutsoubas (Dept. of Marine Science, Faculty of Environment, University of the Aegean) and Mr. Dimitris Poursanidis (Department of Marine Science, University of the Aegean).

My favorite photograph showing a “Cratena Peregrina” nudibranch, was in the cover and in the starting faced pages of the article and the other one showing an “€Tylodina Perversa”€ nudibranch in the middle of the article in faced pages again.

I am very happy because of this collaboration and because the photo of “Cratena Peregrina” that already has won in many contests, still make the best impression.

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