Today was a very special day for me. I was invited to a very moving event by the Mayor of Keratsini – Drapetsona in Athens, Mr. Christos Vrettakos, to receive an honorary plaque prepared for me by the Municipal Authority.

The inscribed text says: “In the distinguished submarine photographer Nicholas Samaras, who with his wonderful artistic sports pictures in the water, creates to all of us unique feelings. ATHLOS 2018”.

This award, with the emotional ceremony, completed for me a very important cycle that started last year with the photographic project of shooting underwater the Swimming Paralympian and my friend Antonis Tsapatakis. It was the perfect combination of location, reason and participants that made this day to remember. I was in the right place, responding to the most appropriate invitation, with the most charming people and in the most emotionally atmosphere. What was awarded today was the vision I had to express through my underwater photographic lens the enormous internal power and the continuous never ending effort of athletes with disabilities, not only in the pool but symbolically their efforts in everyday life. I would like to thank the Mayor, the players of the excellent ATHLOS sports event for the equal and balanced integration of people with disabilities into society, all the athletes who participated, and especially Mrs. Anna-Maria Samothraki, finswimming champion for our excellent cooperation. The choice of my underwater photograph with swimming Paralympian Antonis Tsapatakis for the creation of the event’s poster was a great honour for me.

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