Scuba Diving Magazine.

This small and bright red coloured critter gave me numerous different poses but the one printed in ``LOOK`` section, with the rubrum on the sand, is one of my favourites.

It has nothing to do with Roxette’s song, as it is totally out of my likings, but I am please to say that one of my Gastropteron rubrum photos got the “Look” page of Scuba Diving Magazine on June issue.

The author of Scuba Diving Magazine was interested on the technique used on this photograph so I added a little text about how I got the shot:
The photo was taken with the 5D MarkII and 100mm Macro lens on one of my favorites diving spots for macro photography, in Sithonia peninsula / Chalkidiki, named “Akti kalogrias” while I was practicing with my homemade Snoot. This critter was so amazing that I spent most of my dive time observing and shooting it. On the sand it looked like rosebud, tender and soft and when it felt our presence it started swimming like flying. The petals opened and transformed to fins, just like watching a mini red manta swimming.
Anyway, the “Rosebud” looks fabulous printed, it is well worth picking up a copy to see it!

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