Invited to Photograph 12 Mermaids for a Calendar.

Water polo team OXYGEN

In middle of November I was invited by a friend to take on the task of shooting underwater 12 women athletes, members of water polo team OXYGEN for the needs of their 2013 annual calendar!

Before the shooting I was thinking about this task and waited to meet masculine athletes with their competition swimsuits and the classic water polo hats but instead of this classic cliché image I met 12 beautiful girls full of joy and energy more models than athletes in body shape, ready to transform into colorful mermaids!

The girls had already chosen the fabric color and were fighting for the month they wanted to represent.
While I was preparing the underwater studio, my assistant Rabea was given the task to dress the models with the long fabrics creating improvised dresses and give brief instructions on how to pose underwater. All girls surpassed the given instructions and all expectations posing with extraordinary grace and confidence, giving me dozens of grate shots! After a six hour shooting without stop we celebrated and laughed a lot with backstage incidents just to regain energy for the editing. As a result, the girls had many stunning images to select for their calendar, which was designed and printed with extra care just two days before the official presentation in a modern bar in center of Thessaloniki.
I have to mention that the calendar was not made just for the experience but because the girls were looking for an interesting way to fund their participation in the final phase of the national championship on July – August 2013
So, if someone wants to have this stunning calendar and help the girls in their cause can order it and receive it in a few days!

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