Introduction in Beyond Blue Photographer Showcase

Introduction in Beyond Blue Photographer Showcase!

I am very proud to be introduced as the selected upcoming underwater photographer at August Photographer Showcase of Beyond Blue online magazine.

Beyond Blue is a new online magazine that focuses on marine research, conservation and exploration around the globe.

The magazine is a unique fusion between marine scientists and environmental journalists where daily discoveries being made about our marine world are brought to life in an exciting and dynamic format accompanied by world class photography.

The aim of Beyond Blue is to inspire and illustrate how every person, whether they are students, divers, scientists, or those with a passion for the marine world can make a positive contribution to our oceans and their inhabitants.

So, it is a great honor for me to see my photographs and my thoughts published in this 8 pages showcase, of the online magazine that managed already to earn the respect of underwater readers, although it is counting only 5 issues. I hope and wish the best for the future.

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