Interview & Photo gallery presentation in “PHOTOgrapher” magazine.

PHOTOgrapher Magazine

The interview is titled The underwater expert, a title very flattering even after so many years of working as an underwater photographer.

On the 21th July – August issue of “PHOTOgrapher” magazine widely regarded as the Greece’s leading photography magazine, features an illustrated interview along with a two page portfolio with some of my favorite underwater photographs.

Even if I had seen the draft before printing, the printed copy I bought from a store near my house is much more impressive. I was a proud reader of this magazine for many years and I have never seen a big article about underwater photography, so when I saw that the cover and more than 35 of magazine’s pages were dedicated in underwater photography I was very pleased.
I am particularly pleased to be a featured professional photographer in “PHOTOgrapher” magazine, first published on December 5, 1989. The quality and rich and authoritative content soon brought it first in the circulation of photographic magazines, a position that holds firmly to this day, after 20 years of publication. Since October 2003, the magazine is printed in more than 70,000 delivered as an insert every two months with the daily newspaper “Kathimerini”, one of the largest and longest living newspapers of the country. On November 1, 2011 the magazine circulates independently in kiosks across the country every two months, with 200 pages.

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