Interview in “Eleftheros Typos” daily Newspaper.

Interview in ``Eleftheros Typos`` daily Newspaper.

I am pleased to see my interview and photos on the third page of Eleftheros Typos daily newspaper.

Text written by Pierre Kosmidis a fellow diver and journalist.

This paper has mainly an economy and political character but it also has columns about sports and environment. The purpose of the article was to carry forward that a beautiful underwater photograph can cause public awareness about sea and her critters.
Even though there are many people that have never seen the underwater world in person, they still are attracted by the sea and seabed mostly through the images of underwater photographers and filmmakers. I believe that underwater photography it is not only about art or biology studies but for conservation and ecology as well. If someone knows what lies beneath the surface will think twice before throwing overboard or at the beach an empty can of soda, a plastic bag or a burned cigarette.
Of course the same counts for me and my buddy also. When I’m underwater shooting a subject or a sea critter I try to be only a passenger. It is a rule not to disturb, stress or to molest any critter or sea flora, no matter how difficult is to take the shot.

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