Gimme a Greek Hug!

After introducing the film ‘Gimme a Hug’ in Greek diving forums, the correspondence was so enthusiastic that a version of the film with Greek subtitles was essential.

Friend divers from all over Greece hugged the film with affection and many of them are now official supporters. My buddy and underwater model Ms. Rabea Iatridou, had the pleasant task of translating the text and try to fit it in right text length.

This collaboration started a new friendship with Geert Droppers so when he asked us if we want to get more involved and represent the Protect the Sharks nonprofit Foundation in Greece, the answer was a definite yes!

I believe in this cause and Ive decided to contribute every way I can to help stop shark killing for their fins. In Greece we are planning to organize shark events and screening of the film in special places. The goal is to educate and inform people about the danger of shark extinction. Also it’€™s very important to try change shark€™s undeserved bad reputation given by movies like Jaws€ and try to convince people that it’s absolutely necessary to protect sharks from overfishing.

Note that everybody can contribute to this cause by recruiting people or donating some money. Protect the Shark foundation wanting to show gratitude, is rewarding all donations of at least 20 euros, with a free copy of the documentary GIMME A HUG on DVD. Greek people can receive a copy with Greek subtitles.

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