Cover and Portfolio presentation at French magazine “Plongez”

Plongez Magazine

It's always a pleasure seeing your photos printed espesialy when you are on the cover!

French leading magazine “Plongez” hosts in September-October issue No35, a cover and portfolio presentation of my work.

Plongez in France means Dive! And that’s exactly is what this magazine has to offer you! Plongez is a magazine for ALL lovers of the sea and the oceans because diving and freediving are above all leisure activities that are practiced in groups, because putting your head under water makes you want to discuss your discoveries.

Plongez is a flagship diving magazine – which also has an up to date website and a digital application, available on all tablets and smartphones: this digital version is enriched with videos, slideshows, interactive advertisements, etc. and also allows users to follow daily news from the world of diving and freediving and read exclusive related interviews.

The printed version is available at newsstands. If you stumbled upon by chance, grab a copy!!

À bientôt!

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