Cover and article in Geotropio magazine!

I am pleased to announce that one of my photographs has been selected for the cover of the July 18th issue of the Geotropio Magazine, attached on Saturday’€s newspaper Eleftherotipia.

The photo was taken in the Maldives with my Canon 5D camera, in a day dive at Caaya Island Dhonveli at North Male.

The image is showing a guide diver pointing direction to the group, just above a huge spotted moray. Visibility and lighting that day was excellent and the distinctive element of the photo is that there was no posing of the diver but he was natural in the water.

Inside the issue there is an extensive article about Maldives written from my narration by the hand of my dive buddy Rabea Iatridou. In the 22 pages of the article there is detail description of the trip and all diving spots and about 21 underwater photographs and a couple of topside shots of the atoll, l is the best way to make known that paradise on earth and share with others the underwater miracles.

The goal of this article is not only to show people the beauties of this coral reef paradise, but to motivate everybody stop air pollution, while there is still time to prevent sea water rising and as a result saving from disappearance from map places, islands and countries like Maldives.

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