OASIS Wild Art Festival

The organizing committee calls it the Olympics of Nature Photography to express the importance of the festival, the numerous categories and the hundreds entries from all around the world.

OASIS Wild Art Festival is Nature’s Photography occasion for celebration, with stunning images that capture your eye and travel you to deserts, mountains, savannas, magnificent landscapes, under the water, wherever the awarded photographers with their amazing skills spent uncountable hours to take the perfect shots!

I am very proud that I was one of the awarded photographers with Honorable Mention for my photograph of a Pandea conica jellyfish and for my photograph of “Lesser weever” who received the title “Admirable Work”. Also I am very happy that I managed to travel to Chiaverano on June 12th for the award ceremony and celebration dinner at the castle as all winners were invited to Chiaverano by the organizers.
The Oasis Photocontest is one of the major international competitions in nature photography, which last year had over 25,000 entries taken by photographers from 58 nations around the world. A special hall was prepared for festival’s photograph screenings, talks about the difficult profession of photojournalist and presentations hosted by Alessandro Cecchi Paone. All the winning images were printed in an exhibition around the festival’s hall with all screenings free and open to the public.
I want to express from the heart the warmest thank you to co-underwater photographer and 2nd OASIS winner David Salvatori and his beautiful wife and top underwater model Maria Cristina Di Palma for their invitation and hospitality! Me and Rabea had the most amazing weekend with them and consider them as our friends! Also I would like to congratulate my friends Marcello Di Francesco and Davide Lopresti for their Honorable Mentions, it was really great to finally meet you guys in person!!, What a Blast!

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