Back from Bahamas liveaboard at Tiger beach.


Counting down the months, the weeks and finally the days was over and at the end of July I was changing flights through Istanbul, NY, Nassau and Freeport with destination the exotic West End of Grand Bahama where the Dancer Fleet was waiting us to start the route of a six night trip.

I have no words to describe this trip. Multiple, continuous dives in every diving spot created a 1000+ photo set of sharks while the great crew on the boat, the excellent food and services made accommodation very pleasant.

Two days before and after the route was very short period, considering the beauties of the island and the offered activities. Now that I am back, reviewing my Shark photographs is almost as exciting as the actual diving was!
I want to express my gratitude to Scuba Diving Magazine for this trip that was the GRAND PRIZE on the annual contest 2012, Aggressor Fleet & Dancer Fleet for a great very well organized trip and Rabea for modeling patiently in the cave opening and made this split shot photograph so unique.

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