Award winning in 6th Eastern Mediterranean Festival

Award winning in 6th Eastern Mediterranean Festival!

After two years of visiting Cyprus for Eastern Mediterranean Festival, unfortunately this year I didn't manage to skip out of work and be there with my presentation.

The last two years I had the chance to meet underwater photographers, videographers, scientists and marine biologists from all over the world during festival and symposium and afterwards with some of them became friends and worked together.

Those days I had my mind there and hoped that my participation in Underwater Photography Contest would have a winning result and my hopes came true as I received a message for my friend Benal, a scientist from Aegean University, saying that I won the 3rd Award in Wide Angle Digital Photography.

I’m really happy with these news and I’m waiting my award to come soon, as Benal promised to send it the soonest possible and I hope next year I will be there by person to participate again in Festival.

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