Award Winning at the 4th annual underwater photography contest Blucobalto Underwater Photo Academy

Blucobalto Underwater Photo Academy

I am very happy to announce that my photograph with the portrait of the paralympic swimmer Antonis Tsapatakis Paralympic Champion received the special award “Enzo Maiorca” on the 4th annual underwater photography contest Blucobalto underwater photo academy!

My photograph received also the second award in the “Artistic” category, but the special award for the message sent through art, is a unique honour for me, because the panel of judges saw in a photograph my statement, what I tried to express through my lens.

When I asked Antonis to model for me and explained him the concept, I found a real fighter, a man full of positive energy, always motivated and very strong. He gave me the inspiration and the result was amazing.
This award makes me feel confident that many other people share the same beliefs about equality, about the inner strength, about the meaning of never stop trying, about the strength needed to keep fighting and never give up. My statement is about the respect someone gets when is determined and passionate when he is loyal in achieving his goals and in winning life!

The award ceremony will be held in GALATA Museo del Mare in Genova on 24th of February.

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