Award Winning at September’s Photo Contest.

Award Winning at September's Photo Contest. Photo Contest.

Super macro was the theme for Dive Photo Guide’s September Monthly Contest so I looked in my collection from my recent trip to Lembeh Straights my selection was very easy.

What can be considered more macro than the tiny little Pipe Dragon? The Pipe Dragon or Pygmy Pipefish as it is known is a tiny critter mostly found in rock cracks and overhangs. As its name indicates, it is a strange and very unusual critter that looks like a pygmy seahorse but swims like a sea dragon. Pipe Dragons are very thin and look like strings swinging smoothly finely tuned with water movement. It is very difficult to diversify the critter from the environment except if during observation you catch it swimming or wrapping its tail around algae or thin seaweeds.
So after a fresh lookup I sent what I thought to be the best photo of the critter and after a few days I was announced as the winner of the contest. Winning is pleasure as always but winning in HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” monthly contest is pretty awesome because of the very useful prizes, mostly special gadgets and equipment for the underwater photographers. I want to thank the jury for selecting my photo and wish all the best.

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