Award Winning at 6th mares Underwater Photo Marathon 2018

Underwater Photo Marathon 2018

I am very pleased to see that my work with the underwater portraits of the Paralympic Swimmer Αντώνης Τσαπατάκης / Antonis Tsapatakis Paralympic Champion is recognized and appreciated,

as I just received notification that my work won the 2nd Award at 6th mares Underwater Photo Marathon 2018 at DSLR Creativity – Fashion.

I want to thank the jury for seeing the deeper meaning in this photograph, not just creativity but a set of feelings, hopes and strength. Antonis is a real fighter, a role model to Greek society, a perfect example for all people who need inspiration and motivation. That’s why I asked him to model for me for this concept, because he is a man full of positive energy, always motivated and very strong. He gave me the inspiration and the result was amazing.

This photo represents my beliefs about equality, about the inner strength, about the meaning of never stop trying, about the strength needed to keep fighting and never give up. My statement is about the respect someone gets when is determined and passionate when he is loyal in achieving his goals and in winning life!

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