National Geographic

I am really proud to announce that a six-page article with an explicit set of my underwater photographs from central and northern Aegean, are published on March issue of the Greek National Geographic magazine.

The article, with text written from Rabea Iatridou, is about the rich biodiversity of Aegean Sea and the importance of its preservation.

The last couple of years we made a number of incredible dives in the Aegean waters and discovered habitats and environments with extreme differences of shape and marine life. In some of those dives I managed to photograph rare species of shrimps, crustaceans, nudibranches, jellyfishes, corals and gorgonians.
This article is of great importance for me not only because it is published on National Georgraphic, a magazine symbol of wild life, geography, ecology and biology, but because it is about the secrets of Aegean Sea, one of the most historic seas worldwide.
Our attention is to show the beauty of underwater habitats and critters that can be found in Greek waters and raise awareness of the value of marine biodiversity not as specialists but as dedicated and passionate lovers of the sea and marine world.

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