Article about Chalkidiki / Greece in UWP Magazine

Article about Chalkidiki in UWP Magazine!

``Underwater photography magazine`` is bi-monthly web based magazine published on the 1st of January, March, May, July, September and November of each year,

with contributors from all over the world providing for every issue their articles, photo talent and experience from their trips, their liveaboard safaris, vacations or significant u/w photography “missions”.

Allthough articles about top diving and u/w photography destinations as Phillipines, Red Sea, Maldives or Indonesia are bestsellers; I thought that it could be very interesting to publish an article about an unknown place that is a great diving destination, but only local divers and photographers know about it! A place like this is Chalkidiki in Northern Greece which is my personal diving paradise.

I live in Thessaloniki, so to get in to the water of Chalkidiki a very short drive is needed. There are many diving spots with special interest for every u/w photographer and even if I’m diving there for more than 10 years, every time I go there I discover new places, new beauties and I meet different scenery.

For this article on issue  UwP45 Nov/Dec 2008, I selected a small set of photographs from Chalkidiki that is representative for Aegean colors, corals, orange and classic sponges, small gorgonians and althias and of course fishes and nudies.

Soon there will be another article about an other “unknown” place from Greece with hope that my photographs will make it a “wanna go” diving spot!

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