While I was enjoying my vacation in the beautiful island Syros with my friend and talented underwater photographer Giorgos Rigoutsos, I was invited to join him to an exhibition under the title “Shipwrecks in the Greek seas”.

Before our visit, I asked about the exhibition and George told me about this collection of 21 artworks that realistically depict the tragic calm after the din of a shipwreck and the outcome of the “loss” created with a special technique of liquid glass by the artist named Nikos Poniros based on selected underwater photographs of real wrecks.

I was impressed by the result of twenty one sets of triplets with the actual photograph, a complete description and the artwork in 3 dimensions like the actual wreck in reduction.
But a specific artwork cached my eye because I recognized my underwater photograph of “Mitilini” ship wreck I have photographed some years ago (in Sani beach – Chalkidiki), in a triplet. Excellent work, amazing result and technique made me happy that the artist included my photograph to his project but i would be more happier if he had take the time to ask permission for the use and print and if he had included my name in the triplet as he did with the other photographs. I have no hard feelings about this but I felt obliged to mention it!
p.s. The artwork is stunning and worth a visit if somehow find yourself in Syros Island.

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