32 Memorial Maria Luisa International Photo Contest

Memorial Maria Luisa

Highly Commended in the ``Submerged World`` Category at the 32 Memorial Maria Luisa International Photo Contest.

I am very happy to share the great news I received from Spain! My Smiling Ray is Highly Commended in the “Submerged World” Category at the 32 Memorial Maria Luisa International Photo Contest.

The jury, after evaluating the 16,000 photographs which were submitted to the contest by 1762 registered photographers from 88 countries, has been reviewing those photographs that proved to be the technically most valuable and the most visually striking, resulting in a set of really memorable images.

Who They Are

The “Memorial María Luisa International Mountain and Nature Photo Contest” is created as a means of remembering María Luisa Alvarez Alvarez, as a mountaineer who lived friendship intensely in the mountains and everywhere.

Yet it is in the mountains where her joy, her songs and the nostalgia for the happy days that we lived with her will remain for ever. She died in a mountain accident on 18th November 1990.

For this reason, the founders of this Memorial, named after her, decided that the mountains, nature and any thing related to them are the subject of the photos.

(From the Constitutional Minutes of the “Memorial María Luisa”).

What They Do

The Overall Winner of the “Memorial Maria Luisa, International Mountain, Nature and Adventure Photo Contest”, the Golden Asturcon Award of photography, will be awarded a cash prize of 3.000 Euros, a Trophy and a diploma.

Its named after “María Luisa Alvarez Alvarez”, who died in a mountain accident on 18th November 1990.

This is an annual contest. Every September the conditions to take part in the contest. The most important Spanish and international sport and free-time magazines echo our news.

The contest is open to everybody. During these years “Memorial María Luisa” has succeeded beyond our expectations: photographers from 103 countries: Cuba, Panamá, Uzbekistán, Pakistán, Estados Unidos, Colombia, Canadá, Polonia, Austria, Alemania, Brasil, Francia, Suiza, Italia, Grecia, India, Japón, Noruega, Eslovenia, Yugoslavia, Bélgica, Ucrania, Hungría, Andorra, Eslovaquia, Irán, Malasia, Croacia, México, Inglaterra, Perú, Serbia, Ecuador, Chile, Marruecos, Argentina, Portugal, Bielorusia, Suecia, Turquía, Chequia, Lituania, Holanda, Rumanía, Dinarmarca, Rusia, Chipre, Bosnia y Herzegovina, Finlandia, Sudáfrica, China, Nueva Zelanda, Letonia, Australia, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Paraguay, Aruba, Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Singapur, Republica Dominicana, Azerbaiyan, Nepal, Israel, Macedonia, Irlanda, Malta, Estonia, Emiratos Arabes Unidos, Zambia, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Corea del Sur, Taiwan, Islandia, Samoa, Zimbabue, Luxemburgo, Islas Caimán, Qatar, Reunión, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Kazajistán, Ghana, Kenia, Filipinas, Thailandia, Tajikistán, Camerún, Nigeria, Kirguistán, Afganistán, Argelia, Arabia Saudí and Spain.

The contest has been improved during the years. On the one hand by a travelling photographic exhibition which has been shown all over Asturias and Spain on requests from mountain clubs, cultural societies, city councils, universities ,etc. The exhibition consists of 250 photos of big format and some wall maps. The exhibition has already surpassed the hundred traveling exhibitions.

On the other hand the organizers of the audiovisual section of the Memorial have been exhibiting an exclusive audiovisual montage on the Awards Ceremony, in February, which contained the best moments of the contest. Those called Dream and Fate, Metamorphosis, Mountains and their peoples are now part of our small History. The last one was exhibited as a contribution to the declaration of the year 2002 as the International Year of the Mountains. Also every year editing a video and a catalog of the most memorable photos of the contest

You can see all the awarded photos of the 32 edition HERE!

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