Just a few days before the general lockdown in Greece,

after the government decided to impose a series of strict measures to halt the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 across the country, I had an ivitation to meet the journalist and former cycling athlete Pantelis Tzertzevelis from channel for an interview.

We met in a relaxing place in my hometown Thessaloniki with the most amazing sea view and the interview was like a casual talk with a good friend while drinking coffee. We talked about the requirements on becoming an underwater diver, my artistic work underwater, my most important trips and we focused talking about one of my precious diving places, the kingdom of seahorses, Stratoni gulf.

When Pantelis was a cyclist used to train and race in that area of Halkidiki so he knows the local roads and the view from above. On the other hand, I have performed more than 50 dives in this gulf to monitor and photograph the seahorses colony that I learned all about the under the surface view.

After the end of lockdown I make plans for some more dives there to complete my seahorses project. Until then I stay home to stay safe and I recommend you my friends to do the same so that we can enjoy the sea and sun this summer!


Check the interview here!

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