Environmental Photo of the Year at ADEX – Asia Dive Expo in Singapore.


I'm super excited to announce that my photograph of a Oceanic whitetip shark “CARCHARHINUS LONGIMANUS” in North Red Sea was awarded as the ``Environmental Photo of the Year at ADEX - Asia Dive Expo - 2019 / Voice of the Ocean Contest`` in Singapore!!

The contest took place on April 11-14 at the Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre and this year the festival was dedicated to a Plastic-Free Ocean.

The photo evaluation of participants to the contest was live in front of audience by a panel of judges composed of Amanda Cotton, Indra Swari W, Stephen Frink, Christian Vizl Mac Gregor, Ellen Cuylaerts and Aaron Wong. I would like to thank them all for awarding my photograph and also congratulate them for joining forces for a plastic-free ocean!! We are here to bring on the surface ocean’s problems and raise awareness about marine life!!

Thank you All and congratulations to All winners!!

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